VIDEO: Hybrid hydrofoil debuts at Monaco show

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The Monaco Yacht Show is known for luxury yachts set amid immaculate scenery, but a different breed of boat was introduced this year.

“HY-X: The Prototype of a Revolution” reads the bold announcement on the web page of Swiss manufacturer Hydros Innovations.

The HY-X, the company says, is the world’s first hybrid-powered hydrofoil boat. The company brought a half-scale prototype (20 feet, 6 inches) of the HY-X to the show for demonstration.

Thanks to its retractable foils, the hybrid powerboat is comfortable under any conditions, either at low speed on its carbon epoxy hull or flying three feet above water.

Fuel consumption was reduced by 30 percent, according to Hydros. Powered by twin 35-hp engines, the boat can cruise at 30 knots with its wings down or 45 knots while “flying.”

"We are thrilled with the positive response we are getting from yachting professionals for our activities. The presentation of our HY-X flying yacht prototype has piqued the interest of renowned manufacturers and enabled us to forge beneficial partnerships,” Hydros Innovation CEO Jeremy Lagarrigue said at the show. “Our engineering firm has undertaken new customized studies on the yachts of tomorrow, and we have been able to deliver our fundamental message of useful innovation in response to energy-efficiency challenges for yachting stakeholders and opinion leaders.”


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