VIDEO: Intrepid sells 47-footer with quad-powered outboards


Intrepid Powerboats of Largo, Fla., recently sold its highest-horsepower outboard-powered boat ever — the 475 Panacea with four Seven Marine 557-hp V8 outboards.

"We’re still in the process of dialing it in, but it looks like we'll get a top speed of 73 mph with a cruise of 55 mph," Intrepid Powerboats president Ken Clinton told Trade Only Today.

Clinton said the boat-engine package will appeal most "to the person who wants what nobody else has — the person who wants the biggest and the baddest they can get their hands on."

The quad-powered 475 Panacea is the sixth Intrepid with 557 outboards. Clinton said Intrepid was the first recreational powerboat company to rig a boat with 557s. That boat was an older 370 Cuddy.

"Since the first one, we have done a couple 375 CCs, a 375 Walk Around and a couple of 47 Panaceas."

The first 475 Panacea was powered with three 557s and ran at a top speed of 64 mph, Clinton said.