VIDEO: Metal Shark and ASV Global developing autonomous vessels

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Metal Shark is developing a line of Sharktech autonomous boats.

Metal Shark is developing a line of Sharktech autonomous boats.

Metal Shark Boats is partnering with autonomous technology specialist ASV Global to develop Sharktech autonomous vessels. The vessels can be configured for military, law enforcement, fire rescue and commercial applications.

“The industry has watched and waited as autonomous technology has matured from its fledgling stages, and today we’re offering ASV Global’s fully proven autonomous capability on our entire model lineup,” Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard said in a statement. “We are demystifying and streamlining the process of autonomous technology integration by bringing this capability to market in turnkey form straight from the OEM.”

“The ASView control system offers multiple modes, including unmanned operations, reduced manned operations or conventional manned operations,” said Thomas Chance, CEO of ASV Global. “In addition, ASV Global can assist with mission payload and sensor integration, control and remote supervision.”

Depending on the configuration, the system considers data from multiple situational awareness inputs, including radar, 360-degree daylight and thermal cameras, and AIS to identify and steer clear of obstacles.

ASView also allows for autonomous or remote operation of navigation and safety lighting, hailers and sirens, pumps and other components. It also supports the integration of such equipment as firefighting pumps and hydrographic survey equipment.

Metal Shark and ASV Global will display a Sharktech-equipped Metal Shark 38 Defiant patrol boat at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference in Baltimore, which runs July 18-19.

Click here for a video of a Sharktech-equipped boat.