VIDEO: Technohull unveils patented bottom design

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The new five-step design is called DynaStream technology.

The new five-step design is called DynaStream technology.

Technohull, the Greek manufacturer of rigid hull inflatables, has introduced a patented hull design called DynaStream hull technology.

Technohull said in a statement that the design will be used on the yard’s full range of boats and it was developed to “take into account the delicate balance between performance and user friendliness.” It was developed using analytical formulas and testing from full-size and scaled-down models. The new bottom’s hydrodynamic profile has been streamlined to optimize strake geometry, the number of steps and their position and the variable deadrise.

The manufacturer said the design gives boats better fuel economy, predictable handling, lower planing speeds and chines that divert spray away from the boat.

DynaStream technology will be used in three lines of boats. The T68 is a multipurpose RIB with a fuel consumption of .8 liters per nautical mile and the 9-meter T909. Both models can be set up as tenders as well.

The SeaDNA999 is a 10-meter RIB capable of top speeds exceeding 90 mph. Soon to come is the 38 RIB that Technohull says will be the “fastest V-hull offshore outboard boat worldwide.”

Finally, the new 40 RIB is intended to be a luxury RIB with a cabin and the amenities of a small cruiser. The Omega 45 will replace the yard’s Omega 41 and can be equipped with inboard or outboard power.

Click here to see a video of the new design.