Viking Life-Saving Equipment revamps regional operations

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Viking Life-Saving Equipment, a leader in marine and fire safety equipment, restructured its production facilities and representation into five regional areas across the globe.

The company's plans are designed to deliver new efficiencies and to support the delivery of a new level of customer experience for its business partners worldwide, the company said.

"A natural consequence of the market dropping is that the environment will become far more competitive. We have chosen to face that situation by aiming for further growth," CEO Henrik Uhd Christensen said in a statement. "And the way to get there is to develop even closer relationships with our shipowner customers and to further expand our partnerships around the world."

Viking's worldwide sales and service apparatus has now been reorganized into five regions, one in the U.S., one in the Far East, two in Europe and one covering the rest of the world. Corporate functions in Denmark will be reorganized to match the new regional sales and service structure.

All activities in the Danish town of Bramming, which has until now housed the company's personal protective equipment activities, such as immersion suits, fire suits and lifejackets, will be moved to Viking's headquarters in Esbjerg, Denmark, to promote development and core competencies, while production facilities in Thailand and the U.S. continue to expand.

These changes coupled with the acquisition of Quest Enterprises, a U.S.-based fire suit manufacturer, gives Viking a platform to further expand its share of what is already growth area for the company, according to the statement.


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