Volvo Penta and Tiara to announce an alliance at FLIBS


Volvo Penta and Tiara Yachts will unveil a new collaboration at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Volvo Penta and Tiara had worked together prior to 2005, but their relationship solidified with the launch of IPS pod drive system. Tiara was an early adopter of IPS, developing the Sovran 43 to coincide with the launch of the system.

Tiara sold more than 30 Sovran 43s with twin IPS500s on the opening day of the 2005 Miami International Boat Show.

In the years leading up to these two releases, Volvo Penta had invited a group of customers, including Tiara, to its Krossholmen Test Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, to trial it IPS and offer feedback.

“When Volvo Penta IPS was still in the prototype phase, I traveled with our executive team to Krossholmen for a sneak peek at this new system,” says Tom Slikkers, CEO of family-owned Tiara, in a statement. “From the get-go, we could tell that this was going to be something special. We returned to the U.S. excited and invigorated by what Volvo Penta IPS would mean for Tiara Yachts and our customers.”

The two companies shot a video that details their history:

This year, Tiara launched a new “adventure” yacht, the Q 44, which is powered by twin IPS600s. A 39 Coupe with twin IPS500s will debut at FLIBS, which runs Nov. 5-9.