Yamaha Details Workforce Changes

Photo courtesy of Yamaha

Photo courtesy of Yamaha

Yamaha detailed its plans to furlough 1,146 workers and lay off 54 at several of its manufacturing subsidiaries.

The company had temporarily halted manufacturing at all of the subsidiaries and said it would reopen plants on a limited, case-by-case basis.

“The situation with our plants is fluid,” Yamaha Motor U.S.A. chief marine operations and manufacturing officer Bill Boehman told Trade Only Today. “We are evaluating the environment daily and making decisions weekly. Our solutions may look different in the weeks to come.”

With production paused at Yamaha Jet Boat Manufacturing in Vonore, Tenn., the company furloughed 467 workers. There were no layoffs.

G3 Boats in Lebanon, Mo., paused production and furloughed 247 employees, with the remainder working from home.

Skeeter Boats in Kilgore, Texas, furloughed 241 workers as it paused production, with no layoffs, and Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers in Indianapolis furloughed 140 workers and laid off 17 as it paused production. Some employees from that plant are working from home.

In compliance with executive orders, and using appropriate social distancing and personal protective equipment, some YPPI staff and vendors are at work in the Greenfield, Ind., facility, installing equipment and preparing for the startup later this year, said Martin Peters, senior manager of marine communications and government relations.

“The safety and security of our employees is paramount in all our decisions,” Boehman said. “In those plants where we have limited production, we are working with all employees using appropriate PPE, social distancing and in compliance with applicable executive orders.”

Bennett Marine in Deerfield Beach, Fla., has limited production in compliance with executive orders and CDC recommendations for social distancing and personal protective equipment,Peters said. Bennett has had 29 furloughs and 10 layoffs.

Milwaukee-based Kracor also has limited production in compliance with executive orders and CDC recommendations; that plant has furloughed 22 workers, with no layoffs.

“We expect the restart of our facilities to be regional in nature; it will be determined by the safety and security of our employees near the plants,” Boehman said. “We all look forward to having facilities up and running, and every effort from this point forward is focused on restarting production.”