Yamaha makes executive changes

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Yamaha’s U.S. marine business unit begins 2019 with several executive team and structural changes that will help the company realize the 2030 vision announced by Yamaha Motor Co. last December. The changes are designed to maximize synergies and strengths across the organization to better serve customers, dealers and boatbuilders.

“As we look to the year 2030 and our vision, we are making changes we need to improve our business operations and strengthen our position as the premium brand in this industry,” said U.S. marine business unit president Ben Speciale in a statement. “The changes within our executive team support our strategy and will yield the most innovative products and quality services for our boatbuilder customers, dealers and consumers.”

Within the new structure, Speciale will continue to lead the Yamaha team, assuming the title of president, U.S. Marine Business Unit. He will also be chief sales and marketing officer of marine engines and boat power systems.

Dean Burnett assumes the role of chief sales and marketing officer for all Yamaha boat businesses and marine service, and vice president of Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A. Burnett will direct Yamaha’s efforts in these areas at Yamaha Marine, Skeeter, G3, water vehicles and jetboats. He will also serve as president of Skeeter Products and remain director of Yamaha Jet Boat Manufacturing.

Bill Boehman now holds the title of chief marine operations and manufacturing officer/vice president of Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A. Boehman will serve as president of Yamaha Jet Boat Manufacturing U.S.A., Yamaha Precision Propellers and Yamaha Marine Systems Co. He also is operational director of Skeeter Products.

Yamaha said it plans to create a new marine manufacturing division.

Jack Chiba’s role as vice president of the Yamaha U.S. marine business unit expanded to oversee all business planning and research, and add resources to his team that will increase support to the entire U.S. Marine Business Unit.

Chiba’s team will also manage Yamaha’s branding surveys, Customer Service Index surveys and National Marine Manufacturers Association statistics monitoring.

In late 2018, Yamaha created a Boat Power Systems Development Division, which includes product planning and information, engineering and Yamaha’s test facility. The purpose of the division is to ensure direct response to customer needs and to develop products that exceed customer expectations. Yamaha plans to add 15 employees to the Boat Power Systems development division in the next two years.