Absorber drying towel


CleanTools has super-sized its Absorber drying towel. The new Absorber XL is designed for those big drying jobs, according to the Westmont, Ill.-based company.


The Absorber is made of a unique material called PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), and its uniform pore structure enhances capillary action, according to the company. The Absorber has no surface fibers, which makes it safe for all paint finishes, and it won't remove wax from gelcoat. The product is resistant to most chemicals and unharmed by grease or oils. It can be stored wet in its carrying case. Plus, it's machine-washable. The Absorber XL measures 29 by 18 inches and retails for $18.99. Contact: CleanTools, (800) 654-3933. www.theabsorber.com