Chadd Padd

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Here's a simple product that can help marinas get greener. The Chadd Padd is a 10-inch square absorption pad that's placed over the boat's fuel fill area.


The pad's 3-3/8-inch-diameter perforated section is pushed through, providing a hole for the fuel nozzle. The section remains attached to the pad and doesn't become litter. This "hanging chadd," as the product's inventor, Chadd Collins, calls it, folds back to provide another layer of padded absorption at the fill base. "The opening allows you to see and hear everything," says Collins. "If you can see and hear a gurgle, you know to let up on the fuel nozzle." The pad absorbs up to 4 ounces of fuel. The product was originally intended for the aviation industry, says Collins, who formerly had a job refueling airplanes. Chadd Padds are sold individually ($2), in six packs ($9.95) and in 36-pad rolls ($34.95). Dock dispensers, ideal for marinas and boatyards, are $39.95. Contact: CRCI, (888) 303-8358.