Customers can live longer with a boat!


I know . . . we’re fond of saying: “life is better with a boat.” It’s true! But, now I suggest we can also say: “Life can be longer with a boat.”

Scientists doing research on longevity have found that people are happier when they take two or three short vacations each year, rather than one long one. Apparently, people are happier when they anticipate a reward than after they’ve received it.

The research was published in the Applied Research in Quality of Life journal. It would seem to confirm the value in what we’ve touted to consumers for years: that “owning a boat gives you a vacation every weekend.” And, that can mean better health and longer life.

There’s no secret people are living longer now. In fact, it’s reported that in countries, like the U.S., with the greatest longevity, the average lifespan has increased an amazing six hours per day over the last 170 years. In other words, it’s now likely most kids born after 2000 will live to be 100 years old! Improvements in living conditions, medical intervention and, very important to our boating business, good lifestyle have all combined to extend life.

Health and lifestyle are inextricably linked. Lots of new discoveries are being made about the relationship between health and lifestyle. For example, it may be surprising to learn that being happy and satisfied with life makes for better health regardless of other factors including age, exercise and even smoking and drinking.

We’ve long promoted boating as a healthy sport. The industry’s “Discover Boating” campaign also promotes it as a desirable lifestyle that provides happy family recreation and relaxation. And, now, researchers say the beginning of the aging process is actually being postponed by years for those who live a happy lifestyle. Moreover, when these people finally reach old age, they’re in better health. It raises some interesting questions. For example, does it make sense to retire at, say, 65 when you’re still going to be in good shape at 80 or 90? Or, shouldn’t we put added focus on selling the boating lifestyle to the 60-plus demographic?

The boating lifestyle benefits can significantly improve the outlook for living a healthy life, even at an advanced age. For the sales staff, the suggestion that customers happy with their boating lifestyle can also be improving their health and longevity should be incorporated as a value proposition in sales presentations.

Put another way: People who go boating have made a choice to adopt a positive lifestyle that helps extend good health into advanced age and to live longer. Now that’s a good message that could resonate with all ages.


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