Dr. Shrink’s Heat Shrink Tape

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A nice shrink-wrapping job can get roughed up quickly during boat transportation. Dr. Shrink's Heat Shrink Tape can repair holes in the plastic enclosure and can be used to tape pleats and attach zipper-access doors.

For long-term storage, you can seal the edges of shrink wrap with the Manistee, Mich., company's Preservation Tape, which leaves minimal adhesive residue on the gelcoat.


"Heat Shrink Tape will leave a residue on the gelcoat, that's the whole reason for Preservation Tape," says company president Mike Stenberg. Both Heat Shrink and Preservation tapes come in 2-, 3- and 4-inch widths.

The former also comes in a 6-inch width. Both are sold in 108-foot rolls. Available in blue, white or clear, Heat Shrink Tape has a starting price of $8.13 and Preservation Tape starts at $10.25. Contact: Dr. Shrink, (800) 968-5147. www.dr-shrink.com