A manufacturer of automated valves, KZValve of Ashland, Neb., is now offering its products for marine applications, according to the company. (The company manufactures valves for the agricultural, industrial, fire and other industries.) KZ valves will automate almost any marine valve.


"They're ideal for valves that are hard to get to," says marketing manager Barry Kitrell. "We can electrically actuate the valve instead of requiring someone to climb into a tight area to manually turn it on or off." Valves used in waste-water systems, engine-cooling water valves and fuel tank selector and diverter valves can all be automated, he says. They can be used in conjunction with manual seacocks or completely supplant them. Retrofit kits are available to automate seacock applications. Electric actuator housings are rated NEMA 6P (waterproof) and NEMA 7D (ignition safe) and exceed the Coast Guard electrical systems standard. "The valves give you the ability to design an automated system for operating multiple automatic valves that perform synchronous tasks in a precise, verifiable mode of action," says Kitrell. Contact: KZValves, (800) 288-1112.


Snapper Quotas in Flux Again

NOAA Fisheries wants Gulf Coast states to revert back to the data collection model that the recreational fishing community has widely criticized.