Livewell Control Center Timer


Keeping the bait in a boat's live well alive can drain the vessel's battery. Mar-Lan Industries has come up with a solution with the Livewell Control Center Timer.


With a solid-state 12-volt automatic pump control unit, the timer can turn off the live well from 90 seconds to five minutes. Run time is 30 seconds. The timer, which has a flat black panel and a twist-knob control, measures 2.75 by 2.75 inches. Mar-Lan Industries, based in Dallas, backs the product with a one-year warranty. The timer can be used with any live well, says company CEO Jim Desai. Mar-Lan hopes to have boatbuilders install the product at the manufacturing level, says Desai. The timer will also be available for consumer purchase. Contact: Mar-Lan Industries, (214) 357-6571.

This article originally appeared in the October 2009 issue.