Pantograph hinge

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Superstructure doors on large yachts (70-plus feet) are heavy and as thick as the superstructure itself, so a conventional hinge may be the wrong choice. Enter the pantograph hinge.


"The pantograph hinge will kick the door out as it opens, as opposed to a hinged door, which swings conventionally and would require more room to open, as well as much larger reveals between the door and frame," says Dan Thomson, a part-owner of Kiwi Closures, which recently introduced an automated pantograph aluminum door. The door is machined from 5083 aluminum plate to ensure no distortion and allow for a seamless paint finish, Thomson says. Features include sloped sills for drainage, manual or linear actuated dogs, an adjustable gasket carrier, 24V DC drive motor with manual override, and a key mode selector or touch screen options. Kiwi Closures is the aluminum division of Stainless DownUnder of New Zealand. Pricing was unavailable. Call (406) 270-3623 for information.