PM Mini-Ball Camera


A device only slightly larger than a golf ball could save your boat from thieves. The new miniature PM Mini-Ball Camera from Paradox Marine delivers exceptional security and surveillance monitoring on board, according to the Fort Lauderdale company.


Only 2.4 inches in diameter, this marine-grade, water-resistant and tamper-proof camera can be mounted discreetly inside or out, says Paradox operations manager Josue C. Ocasio. The camera links to Paradox's Marine Watchmate remote yacht surveillance system, which allows boaters to keep tabs on their investments via Internet video. In addition to the Mini-Ball camera ($560), the system consists of a router (Marine Watchmate Gateway, $499) and an analog-to-digital converter ($339). The camera's day/night function automatically senses light changes and switches from color in bright light to monochrome at night. A variety of sensors can be added to the system. Contact: Paradox Marine, (954) 565-9898.