Rule-Mate automated bilge pumps


ITT Rule has redesigned its Rule-Mate automated bilge pumps, which are offered in 500-, 750- and 1,100-gallon-per-hour models.


The introduction marks the first improvement to the pumps since they hit the market in 1999. The pumps feature a solid-state water-sensing device, threaded discharge ports, anti-fouling impellers, and a new robust industrial design, according to Andrew Page, product manager at ITT Rule. "The water-sensing device eliminates the need for an internal float switch that can stick," says Page. "Also, the sensors are programmed to only pump water. In the event of a major engine failure, like a blown hose or oil pan drop where excessive oil enters the bilge, the pump will not come on. It is an eco-friendly product we're proud of in an era of green products." Retail prices are $55 to $65 for the RM500A models, $75 to $85 for the RM750A, and $85 to $95 for the RM1100A models. Contact: ITT Rule, (978) 281-0440.