Safety Alert System

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A Florida company has introduced a brake light for boats. That's right. The Safety Alert System from Powersport Innovations in Fort Myers consists of an amber LED that's mounted on the back of an outboard's top cowling.


As a boat decelerates, a sensor provides power to the LED, alerting surrounding boaters to the change in speed, says company president and CEO Paul Grzebielucha. The light draws 170 milliamps, comes with all necessary wiring, and is backed by a three-year warranty. It's offered in several sizes, including a 6-inch bar and two round units, with prices from $209 to $332. The kit includes a dash-mounted LED that illuminates when the outboard LED is lit. Coast Guard certification is unnecessary since the system is being sold as a novelty item, says Grzebielucha. Contact: Powersport Innovations, (239) 481-0274.


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