SP25 SolarPulse

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PulseTech has a new solar charger for large boats with multiple batteries. Rated at 1.6 amps, the 25-watt SP25 SolarPulse automatically charges, maintains and desulfates batteries including standard, AGM and gel.


It works with up to four batteries connected in parallel. The waterproof industrial design features a polyurethane-encapsulated solar panel mounted on a solid aluminum back plate and uses single-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. LED indicators relay status of the system, which offers various mounting options. For 10 years, slight variations of the SP25 have been used by military forces, says Smokey White, vice president of sales and marketing for the Southlake, Texas, company. "Now this technology is available for commercial and consumer uses," he says. The company's distributors will sell the product to marinas and marine businesses, he says. MSRP is $999. Contact: (800) 580-7554. www.pulsetech.net

This article originally appeared in the March 2010 issue.