Super Premium Holding Tank System

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The top-mounted fittings on Trionic Corp.'s new Super Premium Holding Tank System allow the removal of standing sewage from discharge hoses, which reduces the chance of odors permeating the hoses, according to Trionic president Santo Cannistra.


"The best boatbuilders now are getting away from putting fittings on the sides of the tank," Cannistra says. "It's a better, cleaner way of doing it." The tank's rotomolded polyethylene 3/8-inch-thick walls and raised vacuum relief valve work together to resist tank collapse (due to strong pumpout suction) even if the venting system is clogged, he says. The Super Premium Tank System includes a 1/2-inch NPT by 5/8-inch barb vent assembly, inspection port, a 1-1/2-inch inlet, a 1-1/2-inch outlet (pumpout), and the vacuum relief valve - all factory-installed. The company also offers a self-installation kit to boatbuilders and dealers that allows them to install the fittings anywhere on the tank top, Cannistra says. The company offers about 50 tanks from 14 to 172 gallons, with retail prices of $210 to $690. Dealer prices are 33.3 percent off list. The system, with the self-installation kit, is 50 percent off list. Contact: Trionic Corp., (262) 692-6336.

This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue.