Surface-Mount Light


Designed to mount to the transom, Aqualuma says its new Surface-Mount Light is ideal for any boat where a through-hull installation is ill-suited or unwanted. Its slim profile is 5.4 inches long, 3 inches tall and 0.8 inches deep.


Housing nine LEDs, the light draws less than 1.4 amps at 12V DC and is reverse-polarity protected. It is available in white, ultra-blue and ultra-green, and comes with 12 feet of tinned, submersible cable and Aqualuma's two-year warranty. "They are made from a non-corrosive polymer and can be run in or out of the water," says Alexandra L. Bader, Aqualuma vice president of sales and marketing. The lights retail for $540 and can be purchased through marine electronics dealers or by contacting U.S. importer OceanView Technologies at (954) 727-5139. Aqualuma Underwater Lighting.


Snapper Quotas in Flux Again

NOAA Fisheries wants Gulf Coast states to revert back to the data collection model that the recreational fishing community has widely criticized.