The Five Honeywell patents



U.S. Patent: No. 5,617,317, "The 317 Patent"

PATENT DATE: April 1, 1997

INVENTOR: Mario B. Ignagni, Arden Hills, Minn.

ABRIDGED DESCRIPTION: "Inertial sensor information is combined with GPS information derived from satellite information signals separately received by a pair of GPS antennae and separately processed. This information is processed in a manner to arrive at the offset angle between the inertial sensor heading angle and true north."

LAWSUIT ALLEGATION: Furuno has infringed on this patent. (Based on the description, it appears that the product in question is Furuno's SC110  satellite compass.)


U.S. Patent: No. 5,631,656, "The 656 Patent"

PATENT DATE: May 20, 1997

INVENTORS: Randolph G. Hartman, Plymouth, Minn., and Robert D. Girts, Mesa, Ariz.

ABRIDGED DESCRIPTION: "Many fail safe and fail operational systems are vulnerable to a 'common mode' failure, i.e. a problem that affects all of the sensors in the same manner so that their outputs are all in error by the same amounts. ... The present invention overcomes the 'common mode' problem by utilizing two dissimilar sensing systems, for example, inertial reference system, which utilize inertial equipment such as gyros and accelerometers and together are often referred to as an inertial reference unit (IRU), and satellite navigation equipment such as global positioning system (GPS). These systems are responsive to entirely different measurement and computation techniques and thus can never have a common erroneous factor which has the same affect on both the sensing systems. ... Both the IRU and GPS receiver produce outputs indicative of aircraft position and attitude."

LAWSUIT ALLEGATION: Furuno, Navico and Raymarine products infringe on this patent.


U.S. Patent: No. 5,785,281, "The 281 Patent"

PATENT DATE: July 28, 1998

INVENTORS: Francis E. Peter and Fred M. Strohacker, Albuquerque, N.M.

ABRIDGED DESCRIPTION: "A learning autopilot for a vehicle provides the capability to command complex maneuvers or maneuver the vehicle when control by its ground station is not possible. A memory is used during a piloted rehearsal mission, and position and time information for the aircraft is stored in the memory. This memory is incorporated into the vehicle control system, and during automatic operation of the aircraft, the recorded position and relative time information is retrieved and compared against position and relative time information occurring during automatic flight. The difference between the recorded information and the actual flight information is used to generate error signals, which are converted to command signals for the vehicle. Maneuvers which were initiated and completed by the pilot during the rehearsal mission are then repeated during the automatic flight from the flight information stored in memory."

LAWSUIT ALLEGATION: Furuno, Navico and Raymarine products infringe on this patent.


U.S. Patent: No. 6,289,277, "The 277 Patent"

PATENT DATE: Sept. 11, 2001

INVENTORS: Thea Lynn Feyerelsen, Hudson, Wis., Christopher J. Misiak, St. Anthony, Minn., Victor A. Riley, Shoreview, Minn.

ABRIDGED DESCRIPTION: "The present invention offers systems and methods for producing routes for aircraft and similar vehicles in response to a number of factors, including weather hazards and other in-flight conditions. The invention offers systems and methods for interactive route planning in the face of weather and other hazards. ... It can be optionally used with a route   optimizer for modifying computer-   generated proposed routes."

LAWSUIT ALLEGATION: Furuno,   Navico and Raymarine infringe on     this patent.


U.S. Patent: No. 6,653,947, "The 947 Patent"

PATENT DATE: Nov. 25, 2003

INVENTORS: David B. Dwyer, Scottsdale, Ariz., Gang He, Morristown, N.J.

ABRIDGED DESCRIPTION: "A display system having a display screen for graphical display of data, a graphics processor for receiving data from at least a terrain database and data from a weather radar and for converting the received data into a single data stream to provide an input data stream on the display screen. The single display displays the weather data on one portion of the display screen and displays the terrain data on a second portion of the terrain screen. ... The displays are dimensionally juxtaposed to allow rapid recognition of the data by a user."

LAWSUIT ALLEGATION: Furuno, Navico and Raymarine products infringe on this patent.

This article originally appeared in the July 2010 issue.


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