“Nothing happens until someone sells something.” I think every class or sales training meeting I ever attended seemed to kick off with that statement! It may be a time-worn axiom, but it’s still true.

In fact, it’s probably never been more true for the boating industry than it is today. We are, by choice or not, virtually at the point of just-in-time delivery from the wholesale to the retail level. So, for the foreseeable future, at least, our industry’s recovery will be driven by doing a good, serious job of selling in our dealerships.

But, there is a time for serious and a time for humor. Today, in this blog, I choose to go on the lighter side, if you please.

According to the Vermont-based Upstream Group, a digital media sales training firm, good selling is comprised of five important things: (1) Motivation; (2) Having a Plan; (3) Knowing the Customer; (4) Perseverance; and (5) Going For It!

A few years ago, the Upstream Group posted a great piece about selling on YouTube entitled “What’s This Sales Thing All About, Anyway?” Using movie clips, they illustrated those five principles of good selling in a humorous and entertaining presentation. It has received more than 16,500 views. That’s not a lot when compared to some of the most popular YouTube postings that grab literally millions of views around the world. But, we are talking about selling here, so 16,500 views is pretty good.

Accordingly, if you’re in sales and you’re not one of the 16,000 viewers so far, use the link below to enjoy the clip. But, on the serious side, it’s also a clever reminder for all of us of five very key components of good selling.