You’ve gotta try the new Discover Boating Movie Maker


When the Discover Boating campaign fist announced it would be adding a Movie Maker app by June, I admit I wasn’t that impressed. Then, last weekend, I got an email from Grow Boating board chairman Joe Lewis (Mount Dora Boating Center in Mount Dora, Fla.). Not only did he get my attention, but he turned me into a Movie Maker addict. I’ll explain.

Attached to Joe’s email was a video clip he’d made using the new Movie Maker app that is now up and running as promised. The video showed the fun we recently had fishing on my boat along with his wife, Susan, and their two teens. We had a ball catching all sorts of fish in the Gulf of Mexico and the video clip Joe made using the Movie Maker app, complete with background music and captions, captured it well.

So I immediately decided to see how easy it is to make my own video. After all, it’s something I’ve never done before and I’m no computer geek. But when I say “anyone can do it,” I’m not exaggerating. In a nutshell, the Movie Maker app allowed me to use photos I’ve taken on the boat and put them into a video clip. I even got to include some titles and select background music.

My first video was of my grandchildren tubing and fishing. I emailed it to them and they loved it. I was on a roll. Next, I made one of some friends on the boat. They loved it. Well, you get the idea. I’m addicted to making videos of more friends and family members, recalling for them the good times we had aboard. And that’s precisely what the Movie Maker app is supposed to do, according to NMMA vice president Carl Blackwell.

“We know boaters, by nature, are very social,” Blackwell notes. “On Facebook, you’ll see boaters and guests posting pictures posing on the boat. Our Movie Maker app simply gives consumers the ability to ramp up how they can highlight their day on the water. They combine their photos, add a music track and headlines, and capture the spirit of the day like never before. This is a fun app that can really show what boating is – fun,” he emphasizes.

While the Movie Maker app is all fun, there’s a serious grow boating objective behind it. Every video generated can effectively be a “Welcome to the Water” message seeded onto the Internet via Facebook. But it’s industry stakeholders that must get this going. “This is an industry self-help promotion that doesn’t cost anything to do,” says Blackwell, “and the more the industry participates in this, even as consumers themselves, the more successful it will be.”

Specifically, stakeholders are being asked to get behind this and make their own videos and share them with friends now. Says Blackwell: “If several hundred stakeholders would make just one video using the Movie Maker app, we’d have hundreds going through the Internet and the more people that see them, the more likely they’ll be to create their own video, and so on. And, remember, there are 111 million adults age 25-54 in the U.S. spending an inordinate amount of their online time on Facebook,” he adds.
Ready to take it for a test run? Go to, page down to the Facebook section and click on Movie Maker App. Follow instructions to add your photos, titles and music selection. Then, post it to your own Facebook page (if you have one) or just email it to the people who are in your video. They’ll love it.

Finally, if you as a dealer, or industry stakeholder, want to add the Movie Maker app to your business Facebook page (if you have one I urge you to do so), it’s available to you free. Just email the NMMA’s Armida Markarova at and she will give you the simple instructions.


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