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Don't forget to share safety!

Don't forget to share safety!

As the frontline connection to America's boaters, retailers are the most influential source for boating information

In 2020, 767 died while boating (+25%), and sadly, most were preventable accidents. The U.S. Coast Guard would like to remind you to always share boating safety information with your customers each time you encounter them. 

Among others, this includes the importance of:

  • Always wearing US Coast Guard approved life jackets,
  • Using an engine cutoff device (now required by law),
  • Avoiding impairment while operating a boat,
  • Always maintaining a proper lookout,
  • Understanding changing weather conditions,
  • Knowing the rules of the road, navigation
  • Getting a free vessel safety check, and
  • Taking a boater education course.

The U.S. Coast Guard has provided the following videos and articles for you to share with your customers: