Trade Only presents webinars of interest to the marine business community. Here is a list of recent presentations.

Bridging the Gap – Bow Thruster Technology to Electric Propulsion


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Recorded Thursday February 6, 2020, Christopher Deboy of Vetus Maxwell discusses:

  • Bow thruster technologies – from brushes to brushless and more
  • The trends for future thruster technology – what you should know
  • Electric Propulsion – how the propulsion product line developed from Vetus thruster technology and what it will do for your boats
  • Choosing which E-Propulsion motor technology is right for your vessel and the basics of installation

The Connected Boat: What is it? Why is it important for your business?


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Recorded Thursday October 24, 2019, Daniel Harper of Siren Marine discusses:

  • How is IoT technology (the Connected Boat®) changing the marine industry?
  • Who are the stakeholders in the Connected Boat – why construct your boat this way?
  • Benefits and opportunities that the Connected Boat offers OEM boat builders, dealers, boatyards and technicians (and customers!)
  • How the connected boat provides added safety, redundancy and access to information.
  • Moving from a traditional system to the connected boat. What’s involved? How is it executed?

Upgrading Onboard Lighting Exterior & Interior - Presented by IMTRA Corporation


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Recorded Thursday, March 21, 2019, Colby Chevalier discusses:

  •  What to look for when approaching a lighting upgrade with a customer
  • Components to think about including power, supplies, switches, dimmers, existing and /or new fixtures
  • Offering an upgrade package that makes sense to the customer
  • How this work can be profitable for boatyards, service centers & mobile installers.